Friday, November 6, 2009

Applied Hysterics

I heard that some people (PIS! PIS!) threatened to converge in large groups and demonstrate at a street-dance party or competition in Penang, should the event ever be held.

I heard the same threat made for the 'post-poned' Beyonce concert. And rumour has it that Beyonce's team is asking for a letter from the Prime Minister himself to ensure that there would be no demos against her.

Ah, well. And I thought America was a nation founded on the principles of civil disobedience.

Anyway, fuck America, let's look at the Islams in our country.

The religious whatever also arrested that Asri dude.

So, the score is: Beyonce, NO. Street-dance competition, NO. Asri, NO. Rempit, YES?

I mean, if you want to really combat social ills, why not take on the rempits? No one loves them, except Khairy Jamaluddin.

Religious extremists in this country should perhaps go and threaten to demonstrate at anywhere the rempits would gather (Dataran Merdeka, various other places all across town).

Heavenly Caliph: We shall demonstrate and protest at any place where the rempits congregate and put an end to rempitism!

Hell, man, do that, and I'll done a fucking skullcap and crossbones and start demonstrating all over the place myself.

In fact, why not we demonstrate everywhere something stupid is happening.

Why not PKFZ? Why not any and all petrol stations(for charging RAPE for a full tank)?

Hey, I mean, you managed to scare Beyonce away. Maybe demonstrating is the solution to everything. When you demonstrate, you tell people you are pissed off at something. When people know you - the mighty, heavenly YOU - are pissed off, they would certainly skitter and scamper to fulfill your every whim, no?

First thing's first.

Demonstrate at places where the rempits are gathering. I don't know why these demonstrators are so afraid to take on the rempits by the horns.

Rempits are basically hanging out with bohsias - that's non-muhrim (meaning you can fuck the other person) mingling already. Some abuse drugs. Others, abuse themselves and others.

If the movies Remp-it and Bohsia are anything to go by, these people also indulge in free sex, alcoholism and stupid slang-slinging.

Isn't that against Islam? Like almost everything else?

Fun-the-mentalists vs rempits. I'd pay to see that, man. And with God on their side, my money is on the fun-the-mentalists.

Suck my dick.