Friday, October 30, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Mirrormask

I was assuming the lotus position while looking at my image in the mirror, in a pub, when someone asked me:

"Are you trying to achieve peacse of mind?"

I turned and said, "No. I saw lines on my forehead and am considering botox."

Which is the truth. My forehead has lines now, and I was wondering if it was the smoking, the dri...bbling as in, basketball dribbling, or stress?

Then I made my usual face - raised eyebrows with a close-mouthed smile and figured out that my brow has lines because I kept making that face.

People close to me said that I have no poker face whatsoever.

Lady Gaga's song is not for me.

So I make another face. My Blackjack face.

Inane, mundane and something else that rhymes with 'ane'.

Every gambler has a tell. Mine is when I look at the money I have left in my pocket. That means I have a bad hand.

Knowing this, I constantly look at the money I have in my pocket.

I have no idea why I shared that bit of information just now.

My room, which I have turned into my office is a mess. There are eight empty packs of cigarettes on my table, and 20 more in the dustbin.

There are cuetipes, nailclippers and two boxes of toothpaste on my PC.

Empty packets of Sweetie Bun and numerous McDonald's delivery boxes are strewn on the floor.

I have made peace with McDonald's Delivery, though I am going to cut my spending this month. Am buying a Blackberry, after all.

Blackberry! Blackberry! Come to Amir Hafizi.

I am currently using a borrowed phone. It has tassels on it. A charm or two. I appreciate the loan, but this phone is just not me.

Add that to the fact that it doesn't read the information on my SIM card. Not at all.

Meaning, to call friends, I can only do so to those whose numbers I memorised.

012 206XXXX, 012 386 XXXX, 013 393 XXXX. The rest are all gone. Gone!

Well, not really. I backed up all data on my old Blackberry last week, so all I need to do is upload that into my new gadget tomorrow.

Oh, man. This will be an affair to remember.