Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Answers

You think you have a good fuckin' answer!

A fuckin' answer's what I'll give you!


I saw a red light, and then green, and then - holy shit! I've gone colour blind!

Which is no big deal. 17 per cent of males are colour blind. Sorry, colour-blind.

I can't be a fucking pilot ever again! Boo fucking hoo!

But no! It was just the lights. Got me confused there for a while.

They're playing Britney Spears after some Lady Gaga and Beyonce.



Okay. Have to sit here for a while and try to write something without a 'kew' on it. Cause my 'kew' button on my keypad is fucked.

Am glad it's not r,s,t,l,n, or e. Or c, d or m. And o.