Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Boron - The World's Most Boring Man

So I got home, after watching a movie and having a few drinks, stripped down naked, and took a dump.

After that, I sat in front of my computer and washed my hands further with a bit of hand sanitizer.

I placed the bottle of hand sanitiser back on the table.

Then, I looked my my dick.

After that, I looked at the bottle of hand sanitiser.

Then, my dick.

Hand sanitiser.


Hand sanitiser.


Hand sanitiser, dick.

Dick sanitiser!

So I opened the bottle, poured a generous amount on my fingers, and started rubbing the cool liquid on my dick and scrotum.

The result?


Apparently, alcohol can cause a burning sensation on my scrotum. Ehem. My...precious.

And that was today's adventure.

Anyway, you might have noticed a widget on the upper right hand corner of this page. Please click on it and vote for my entry in Blog for FT - Blog for Federal Territories.

If I win the car, I'm going to sell it off and pay my PTPTN loans in one shot. I will wear baju Melayu, go to the PTPTN office and pay everything in a grand ceremony, full of pomp, circumstance and bullshit. I will even get it recorded and post it on YouTube. And then I'm going for a holiday in Thailand.

So vote for me, you fucking dickheads.