Monday, October 19, 2009

Brainless in Bangsar

Just received a morning assignment and that means I can't really go to sleep tonight. Might as well get things ready for tomorrow.

In a soon to be futile effort to stay awake, I shall tell you of my love to argue.

I love arguing, and I love being right. It feeds my ego. Makes me feel better than those who are wrong.

It dehumanises them. Takes away their humanity, leaving only a caricature of 'it that is wrong.'

When a human is reduced to being 'it that is wrong', I can do anything to 'it'. I can kill it, beat it up, rape it, and stick my finger up its ass.

This is the process in which all wars and fights started. All forms of ultra-violence and genocide started with reducing normal people into labels and subsequently, caricatures.

The Spanish Inquisition never tortured people. They hunted down heretics, who did not agree with their beliefs. George W Bush did not kill people in Eye-Rack. He was killing terrorists.

Pol Pot killed bespectacled people for fear of them finding a telephone booth and turning into Superman.

Hitler killed Jews, because Jews are thieves. Thieves who stole their jobs and business.

The Allied forces did not kill people. They killed Nazis and Japs and chinks and gooks.

In each instance, they never killed people. They were killing something else. A dehumanised version of people.

Therefore, when I do not agree with people, I never look at their argument. I look at their personalities. I never attack their arguments. I attack them personally.

That makes me feel so much better about myself, doesn't it? I am right, they are wrong. I win!

Man, I got to get some coffee.