Saturday, October 31, 2009

Amir Hafizi Vs Liberal Douchebags

Around two days ago, I sent a comment to a Malaysian 'liberal' website.

The story was a conspiracy theory about how there is a concerted effort to paint PKR as a party in disarray.

My comment was simple:

"There has always been a concerted effort to discredit PKR. Since day 1. Oops. Since day -365. The only difference is that there are now enough stuff happening to give some sort of weight to the claims."

Or something like that.

And you know what these champions of free speech did? Yeah, that's right. They did not publish my comments. The only ones that got through were the ball-carriers who kiss the 'liberalism' ass on a day-to-day basis, and perhaps later, some retarded UMNO fuckers who only know how to curse and scream.

Well. I don't have much else to do, in-between my work duties as well as my projects, so I decided to pick a fight with any and all self-proclaimed liberals in Malaysia.

I haven't had a good fight in a while, so I decided to pick on Malaysia's very own liberal douchebags because they're the easiest target available.

It's like being in a 200m race with a paraplegic who has two airplanes tied to his body, taking him in the opposite direction.

I mean, consider this.

Being 'liberal' means that you stand for the right of everyone having the freedom to express themselves in whatever way they want.

This includes speech, art, clothing, political affiliation, religion, religious extremism, even bigotry and domestic abuse.

To not include any and all forms of expression, beliefs or whatever means you are not a liberal. NOT a liberal at all.

So whoever claims to be a liberal, please step forward so I can beat you up. And you can't retaliate because being liberal, you must protect my right to express myself by beating you up.

I am not a liberal. I draw my line somewhere - child pornography and child prostitution. Rape and domestic abuse. Almost everything else is fair game.

Man, I would love to see anyone defending either child porn or how they can be liberal without defending child porn.

This is an open invitation. Come one, come all.