Monday, October 12, 2009

Loose Change

Lots of people say they fight for change.

Obama, in his version of 'Amerika Boleh', came up with, "Yes We Can". The Americans previously had 'Change You Can Believe In'.

In all this hoo-haa about fighting for change, people forget about change, the change itself, and concentrate on the fighting.

Fighting becomes pointless when you fight for the sake of fighting.

Many people say they fight, oh, how they fight, and how they WILL fight.

"I'm a fighter," they say. "I'll fight you to the end!"

Fight what?

What are you fighting for?

People don't ask 'what' nowadays. Nope. They ask, who. I hate who. It focuses on people. Personalities. The ego. Ideas and ideals gets pushed back for personality. It gets personal very fast.

There is no fight for change. That's bullshit. Change comes when you yourself change. Our existence deforms the universe. THAT is change. What we do, everyday, that's affecting change.

Not some bullshit slogan.

"Oooh, I fight for change."

Fuck you. Pretty soon, they forget about the 'change' part and start focusing on the 'I' part.

"How do I look good in this?"

"How do I make other people look bad, so I can look good?"

And yes, I'm talking about politics, cause that's where most of the bullshit is.

Politicians on both side preach change, but they never do. They don't change. People don't change. The very least you could do is change the way things are done. The way you do things. It's not in numbers or in slogans.

When writing the comic book Sandman, writing the Golden Boy story arc, Neil Gaiman said in an interview that he wanted to show what he observed to be the Americans' attitude towards Bill Clinton's sex scandals.

"They (the Americans) were saying about how they felt betrayed," said Gaiman. "And that was when I knew that they weren't expecting a president. They were expecting God. A Jesus, not a man."

A sentiment echoed by Chris Rock.

"He ain't Saint Clinton. He ain't Maharaja Clinton. He was Bill Clinton, and he liked blowjobs!"

Oh well. No use bitching about it. I like blowjobs too.