Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stand-Up Now Tell Me You're Gonna Love Me Forever - Oh Oh Oh!

So I did a stand up comedy routine at Merdekarya tonight.

There were about 17 THOUSAND  people, going by both BN and PR calculations. I felt like Andy Kaufman, really, because I did a routine I like which I don't think was the right one to get the desired effect of laughter. It was Andy Kaufman when he was Jim Carrey and did the 'Cows go moo' song in clubs.

My stand-up was more of a smile kind of thing, because lots of people smiled but laughter was far and few in between.

I can dissect it to bits, but having gone up on stage and threw away my dignity, I can safely say I am ready to do more.

It was fun simply because I get to go out and talk to people. I enjoy this some of the times, but mostly avoid it because I don't really like people.

Anyway, I'll be back on stage maybe two weeks from now, to deliver another routine. For now, I'm back to my novel and consider the ramifications of writing and perhaps publishing such an incendiary text.