Thursday, May 30, 2013

Towards a More Perfect Union

In an effort to understand, and despite my sore throat and having lost my voice, I spent the whole day talking to people.

These days, people glibly and gleefully throw hateful comments at one another, across polling centers, cyberspace and football fields.

Even those who claim to 'fight fire with flowers' are not throwing sex organs of plants, unless those are mushroom clouds blooming.

Some idiots even taunted me, pointing out that I no longer do or write funny stuff. I don't feel like comedy, really. I feel the writhing beast under the thin facade of normalcy, and I fear the hateful monster will soon be upon us.

I like to think that I was both gifted and cursed by the capacity to understand humans. I feel like Martian Manhunter most of the times - a dreary, overpowered superhero whose only weakness is that he is a pussy. An empath is always a pussy. I guess I'm a pussy.

I have met, spoke and consulted many people. Most of them my friends. The only conclusion I can derive is that the Malaysian public was and are conned by a hateful sub-species of primates - politicians.

I have often warned people of the dangers of politicians, and yet they still went ahead and believed the hot, steaming piles of bullshit that comes out of the front orifice of politicians. They rally, curse, write, taunt and threaten.

High emotion rule the day, while rational minds cower in fear. The scientific method is no longer mentioned, replaced by straw-men, ad hominem, et cetera. There is a taint of pre-judgement, of automatic sentencing in the court of public minds and the word proof - as mentioned by a friend - is now a swear word.

"I HATE it when people ask for proof," he said.

I wanted to say, "But we always ask for proof and evidence before we make our conclusions. That is part of the achievements of our systems, culture, our laws and administration. It is the only way we can be scientific. The only way we can be fair and just."

But I didn't. Because I understand. I understand the frustration, the pain, the hurt, the fear, the betrayal, the lies and the truth. Empaths are always pussies.

Ideals? Ideals are great. Principle? Ethics? Even more so. These things are taking us beyond the physical human evolution. However, all I see, from all sides, are hate-filled rhetoric, victim stories and more whining.

And yes, when we have run out of our excuses, what shall we do? In desperation, what do we turn to? And what do we turn into?

Oh well.