Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Hangover

Today, I feel like killing people, so I decided to stay at home.

I woke up in a foul mood. And a headache. The cleaner came in the morning, but left since I was fast asleep after downing cough medication last night.

So I woke up and answered a call from him. I let him in and then went out for brunch.

I can sense the energy in KL - it is hostile and violent. Cold and harsh. Underneath a thin veneer of normalcy, I sense dark energy signatures. I blame this all on politicians.

Some of my Opposition friends are doing their legwork, running around, selling their bullshit. BN folks are up on their high-horse, feeling victimised and all that shit. The fact is, they are all stupid.

For decades, BN has maintained a stranglehold on funds and resources in this country. They appoint their children, nephews and nieces, mediocre girls they want to fuck or sucked their dicks to positions of power. Unqualified, stupid, inhuman baboons.

Sure, they did employ some brains - somebody has to do all the work - but in the end, the corruption has resulted in stupidity after stupidity.

Perhaps subconsciously realising this, they have kept the public stupid. Malaysian education is amazingly pedantic and overbearing, allowing little room for the development of young minds. Take it from me - I went through 16 years of Malaysian education, from primary, secondary to tertiary levels. In fact, I've never left South East Asia.

Literature, arts and whatever have been neglected and sometimes curbed so there would be little chance for older minds to grow, for the public to have access to better thinking.

A friend of mine said that he agrees with me that Malaysians are monkeys, and that it is necessary to rule over them with an iron fist, because they are monkeys.

Anyway, after BN  has kept the public conned and lulled, they believe they can be in power forever. They were arrogant, not because the public has become smarter, but simply due to the fact that there are other conmen ready to exploit the gullibility of the public.

Enter Anwar, who taught the PR conmen how to con the Malaysian public, BN style, but with a contemporary spin.

I saw droves of people being conned by these fuckers. Some of these conmen even approached me, but whenever I ask for proof or evidence for their accusations, they get angry.

I mean, what the fuck? I am all ready and willing to see the lies and corruption of the Government exposed for all to see, but I am not going to sit  there like a monkey and believe in anything without proof. I want to believe, but - sorry - I am not a monkey.

I believe that the BN Government is corrupt, and I believe there should be proof or evidence if this is so. We live in a world where everyone has recording devices. Most can read, even if they are monkeys.

And no one is making any suggestions on making our lives better anyway. Zahid Hamidi is busy arresting people. Muhyiddin went to Phuket. Najib is somewhere, licking his wounds. The BN machinery has failed and they don't know what else to do, other than some idiotic blatantly racist boycott and shouting insults.

Anwar and his monkeys are organising street rallies to try and topple the Government by force - to me a purely selfish and power-crazy move that would sacrifice a lot of people so he and his family can break open the country and steal what's left of the money.

By sacrifice, I mean people will die. If this continues, with this kind of energy and emotionally charged bullshit, people will die.

And none of the politicians care if and when people die. They don't give a fuck. You think Anwar, Najib, KJ, Shahrizat, Lim Kit Siang care if people start killing each other on the streets? No. They'll just do a dumb memorial somewhere, and plant flags or flowers, and that's that.

I want a country where politicians debate issues, and not spend all the time talking about themselves and how their rivals are fucktards - YOU ARE ALL FUCKTARDS. We know that. You are all corrupt, you are all liars, and you are the most selfish bunch of hypocrites the universe has ever seen.

But I'm more angry at the people. Wake up. These fucktards are not for you, they are not on your side. What have they ever done for you or the country? Nothing. Everything has only been for themselves. It is up to the people to push for an issues-based political scene.

And instead of killing each other, should the riots and the violence spill on the streets, we should all go and kill politicians first. ALL politicians. They are the butt-cancer of this country and they should all die first.