Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Greatest Mind of the 21st Century

Today, I met with four people while in a foul mood.

Starting smoking again after being disappointed with e-cigarette vendors have left me coughing and I lost my voice. As a voracious communicator and loquacious talker, I find this experience annoying. Since most Malaysians don't listen, it is definitely harder to communicate.

The Malaysian way of communicating is shouting and yelling louder and louder until they go deaf with their own message, their own words, their own voice. It is an extremely childish mannerism as Malaysians are trapped in a very childish culture.

I compare this to European culture and Thai culture which really offers more finesse in their communication. And yes, given enough funds and opportunity, I would migrate in an instant.

One of the four I spoke today said she felt after the election, Malaysia has become a more vicious, desperate and colder place. I agree with her. This country is growing up, and with it will come lots and lots of pain and lessons.

Dr M said it in his last interviews - as printed in The Star - that while he has managed to build an amazing infrastructure and systems for the country, his only regret is that he has failed to improve or even change the Malaysian mindset.

I believe that for the over 50 years, the Malaysian Government has kept most Malaysians mostly stupid so the populace would be easier to control. You wanna talk about realpolitik? This IS realpolitik, where the end justifies the means.

One only has to look at the kind of bullshit our leaders have forced us to believe over the decades to see that they believe all the people of Malaysia to be retards, idiots and buffoons.

"Kalau hari-hari hujan siapa salah? Tuhan salah! (Bukan saya atau syarikat kakak ipar saya salah! Kami tak makan duit haram! Ayoyo!)" - Datuk Seri Dr S Samy Vellu.

"Kalau tino comey takyoh kejo. (If you are a beautiful female animal, you don't have to work. Just suck your husband''s dick at home, biatch! *Pimp Stride*)" - Datuk Nik Aziz

"Saya ada berkotak-kotak bukti rasuah! Saya akan dedahkan semua!" - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, 1998.

"Kepala Siapa Botak? Bini Mahathir!" - Ceramah Reformasi, 1998. Attributed to Anwar.

"Orang tu sama tak macam saya? Perut dia buncit tak?" - Anwar Ibrahim to reporters, before coming up with the beer belly defence.

"Kalau tak suka dengan sistem negara ini, bolehlah berhijrah ke negara lain." - Zahid Hamidi

"Kalah GE13, salah siapa, nyah?" Her Majesty the Queen Azmin Ali

"Mereka nak serang saya!" - Sharizat.

"Why Cookie Rocket? Uh uh uh aaah aaah aaaaahh!" - KJ, outside the US Embassy for some dumbass monkey protest whatever.

"Ka-kaa! Woo hoo hoo!" - Mat Sabu

Our leaders take advantage of our easily-duped nature. They are working on the same concept of conmen in this country - preying on our gullibility. They should be selling e-cigarettes. Or 'ubat kuat'.

If you want to go partisan, I blame BN for keeping people stupid and gullible, to allow PR to take advantage of them. It has certainly backfired for BN.

When PR takes over, all of you who had worries before should calm the fuck down. Nothing will change. From what I can see, there would still be enough corruption to keep the country going - perhaps more so. And all of us who did not benefit from the BN corruption can buy a lottery ticket and bank on the PR Government's corruption starting 2018.

So yes, the country has become a colder, edgier place. I feel like Alan Moore when he contemplated migrating as he wrote V for Vendetta.

Countless times, every day, I get approached by people with their bullshit and they expect me to swallow it, when I assure you I can see through cons a mile away. Why do conmen like to try and fool me? Because I am the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century. These idiots are insecure about their intelligence, as they know deep inside their hearts they are idiots. Their thinking is, if they can get me to believe in their lies, they would be smarter, higher, better.

Our country and its countrymen are still growing, so I let most of this slide.

I mean, most Gen Y talk like this - "Mak ittew ckp, ittew tomei (Our cunt of a mother told us we're cutie-pies)". It is a clear sign that our people are fixated to becoming infantile degenerate monkeys. Then, according to Freud, this means they are at an anal-fixation stage, hence the 'geniuses' in BN believe selling Anwar's buttfucfking story over and over again will placate the masses.

So even though we live in a meaner Malaysia, these are interesting times. The people demand better stories. So far, I see none in BN can spin anything plausible or even feasible. They are too stuck in the old thinking, believing something that worked for 50++ years will continue to work for another 50 million years. BN people are delusional.

Meanwhile, PR right now is all shout and no action. I hope they come up with something - anything. Just demonising BN is wasted effort - that's done already. WE KNOW BN IS CORRUPTED. Now what are we going to do once they are out of the picture? Don't give me abstract concepts and sweeping bullshit like 'we will eradicate corruption!' 'We will develop Malaysia!'. Hey, stupid, a five year old can say that. Tell me HOW.

I don't work on wishy-washy bullshit, and even though some see me as an impulsive risk-taker, I am extremely conservative and would not venture into anything blind, like how I don't believe in simply taking the MyCreative funding thing as there are too many variables that CANNOT be ascertained until it is too far into  the game.

Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks, and do not take the Malaysian public as fools either.