Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Malay Melee

Hello, BN cybertroopers, (the extremely ineffective) Unit Media Baru UMNO, anti-PR people and pro-BN online supporters, have you heard of Kamil Karim?

You can go to his Facebook page here. I mention him because he, along with a few anti-PR people like Shen Yee Aun and Amri Rohayat(Rohayat X) as well as others on Facebook are doing a way better job than any BN/UMNO-sponsored team on all social media.

I've always maintained my political neutrality and I always will. However, that will not shut me up from commenting on campaign as well as communication tactics. It is my belief that while both BN and PR lied and continue to lie, cheat and con the Malaysian public, we are more predisposed to believing PR's bullshit, not questioning their statements and taking it all on face or emotional value.

While BN's campaign was almost a total failure on social media this GE13, despite their wealth of resources, manpower and whatever else, it was actually up to these unpaid individuals to make any sort of dent or ask any (ANY) question against PR's social media machinery.

While they take their sources from reports and blogs, they provide something in the vacuum of BN's communication strategy - engagement.

Any communication campaign online relies on three basic pillars - a repository of information, a means to promote the information, and engagement. While controlling ALL of mainstream media - behemoths like The Star, Media Prima, the paid and unpaid bloggers have all stockpiled information. Their audience and visibility in Malaysia is second to none. However, the machinery failed in engagement. Look at the BN-sponsored Twitter accounts.

BNCybertroopers, Panglima Perang Cyber and Unit Media Baru are totally ineffective, possibly manned by total retards and don't even converse with people properly.

I know that the UMNO/BN top people, like PR's, only read some shit online they share among themselves, and pat each other on the back for articles nobody else reads. They are entirely inadequate, stupid and should be killed on sight due to their sheer stupidity.

The BN rabid supporters way has always been to cheer someone with enough balls to say something pro-them, even if that thing is stupid, offensive, a lie, or blatantly racist. They have no idea on effective communication, psychology or even have the capacity to listen or be honest. This is one of the many reasons why I hate the BN culture - it is undeniably stupid.

Their frontliners are manned by failures in life who suckle on the giant teats of BN and UMNO. Is it any wonder then, that after PR successfully campaigned for people NOT to be informed - they asked everyone NOT to read newspapers or watch TV, making them the ONLY source of dogmatic information - that you get results such as the recent GE13?

For BN, you need to stop being monkeys and evolve. Leave your dirty, stupid, corrupted ways. Learn from these people and those who know and understand better than you.

For the people, I don't give a shit who you support, but please do not be misinformed or malinformed. Devour information, collect data, facts, discard emotion, weigh both sides, and make your decision.

For me? I just hate seeing people lied to, and I hate conmen coming up to me and saying racist bullshit or try to insult my intelligence. This has happened from both sides and it has taken all my willpower not to kill them with my melee attack weapons.