Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preacher, Preacher, Fifth Grade Teacher!

Coming back from Phuket, I did a few things and then last night, I went to Merdekarya to do another stand-up routine. This one was more conventional and it worked better than last time.

So that's good.

I set up a company to do digital media consultancy recently, and am hoping to set up another outfit to do something more creative. I have the workflow in my head and I know what to do with both. Right now, it's a matter of finding and landing jobs here and there, as I finish my own creative projects.

I thought the results of the General Elections are good news. Now I can consult both losers - BN and PR - on how to come up with and execute campaigns on all media.

Their previous campaigns sucked really bad. The mismanagement of resources on BN's part, and PR's overlooking the rural community since they were buoyed - too much - by their success in urban areas.

If PR wants to reach out to the rural community, it will take 4-5 years to be executed properly. DO NOT copy BN's tactics of lavish visits and fake ceremonies. Copy their other, more subtle ones. And yes, BN is not totally dumb at this game.

Rural people are like urban people, and the best way is still through insurgencies. Send a few youths and gather information as well as plant seeds of distrust and doubt. Make friends, endear yourself to the folks. This has to be done and coordinated on a massive national scale. For that, I believe the cost would be in the millions.

Set up an NGO that sends youths to rural areas. Youths who are armed with PR ideology and information, talking points and engagement protocols. People in the rural areas love gossip or 'secret information'. 'Exclusive stuff' only they know, even if it is totally untrue. So conspiracy theories would work well here.

BN needs to beef up urban support. That is a more difficult task. Their dangling of carrots didn't work last time, because the keys to the carrot bin can always be handed to the other guy. I believe the best BN can do is maintain their rural support and hope for a simple majority come GE14 in 2018.

I believe PR will win the elections in 2018. Nothing will change, of course. Politicians are politicians and they are all liars. PR politicians will replace BN's corruption with their own. Also, those BN people who are so afraid of change need not worry. It's just the same old shit, so they won't lose anything. Unless they are the big bosses of major GLCs, of course. Those people are fucked, but since they're rich, who cares?