Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My (Hopefully) Final GE13 Post

I just got home from a trip to Kuantan where I voted at P.84 - Paya Besar for the Malaysian General Elections number 13.

Coming back, I had to check whether there were any race riots in KL, which is out of the norm.

This, after euphoria. I believe I am the only person in Malaysia loving these results. Everyone lost, so I win!

The much-anticipated defeat of BN by PR never came, making a lot of PR supporters feeling depressed and disappointed. This was egged on by allegations (some of them already proven false and others awaiting more info) by PR that the election was rigged. Was it? Was it not? I believe any and all allegations should be escalated into police reports and investigated. It will cost some money and resources, but it beats holding another election.

To the new voters who believe their votes mean something, I say this: Haaaaa-Ha!

The world doesn't revolve around you. Go suck a dick.

Mat Sabu lost, which is a crying shame. The mammal is hilarious and should be made PM. Husam Musa also lost for daring to go into enemy territory.

The fact remains that everyone lost in this election, and I clap my hands with glee. For now.

BN lost, despite still winning the election via simple majority of 133(they needed 112). Johor - formerly a BN stronghold, lost 4 (I think) Parliamentary seats to DAP, with some constituencies thrown in.

The much-touted recapture of Selangor never happened and BN in fact lost more seats to PR. The 'drubbing' hinted at in Penang was also a no-show. Kelantan stayed with PAS and Perak remained in BN's grasp, meaning they won't have to rely on jumping politicians to steal back the state like last time.

All the touted Main Events - Gelang Patah, Lembah Pantai, Shah Alam, Kuantan, resulted in a BN loss.

To the closet BN people who came out to vote (especially in Shah Alam), thinking their absence made all the difference in 2008, I say this: Haaaaa-Ha!

The world doesn't revolve around you. Go suck a dick.

What troubles me are these racist sentiments being flamed at the moment by BOTH sides. I believe Utusan's headline was uncalled for, and I do believe PR has been fanning the flames of racism wayyyyyyyyy earlier than this and as much as BN. It's just that they were smarter in hiding their tracks and not go all out in the open like Utusan did.

Najib gave a speech after BN won a simple majority, saying things like he did not anticipate the Chinese voters' heel turn. And I'm at home, saying, "Where you been, Pakcik?" at the TV set.

Yeah, Najib has shown some balls, but I am worried where those balls will be placed.

I do not wish to add fuel to the fire, so I will not address the race issue except during my stand up perhaps next week at Merdekarya when I offer Malaysia the final solution to ending racism.

I would like to commend the EC - I got no beef with them and believe they have done a good job, all things considered.

I would also like to say that I hate, hate, HATE the campaign mechanisms employed by both parties. PR as usual spreads lies and paranoia, mixed with ugly truth. BN comes up with some stupid music videos which were quite entertaining. I will never forget BN's FT team's Love is in the Air attempt which featured the team members jumping up and down like gibbons, to the classic and legendary Beribu-ribu Tahniah MIC vid.

Before that, there was the 1M4U song which screamed propaganda. It was like, "I M for PROPAGANDA! I M for PROPAGANDA!" What the fuck, man?

These attempts at multimedia content and reaching out top the young, to me, shows how detached the BN machinery is to the real world, and also drowned out some amazing animations and animated stuff coming out from BN - yeah, I was gobbling everything up like crazy.

These five years will be about performance. Elections are all about style. Based on style, PR won, even though their stupid music video with the abundance of lens flares is equally stupid, but not stupid enough.

Another note: NST Online and some other mainstream media reported fake news during polling day. I saw one SMS and a few tweets saying Nong Chik defeated Nurul Izzah when the reverse is true. WHEN THE REVERSE IS TRUE! Same shit with Shah Alam. And results coming in at 1pm? What the fuck?

To my friends at NST, please remember that you are still a neutral news body that is expected to report real news. I am disappointed at this simply because this means NST's credibility online will continue to suffer, especially amongst the new Gen who don't have a reason to give you a fuck. Instead of being the one source people can trust when all other sources are jumping the gun and shoving said firearm into their buttholes, NST and other mainstream media should have stood tall and did it my way.