Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cough Cough

On my recent trip to Phuket, I met a woman who listens. The last time I met a human with the capacity to listen without having their bullshit selves drowning them out was... I can't even remember. If I make millions of dollars, I will go back to Phuket, find that woman and romance the hell out of her.

So lots of people started writing detailed reviews and analysis of how the campaign machineries of both BN and PR to have been massive failures. Actually, Pakatan's campaign was successful. BN's was a massive failure.

The real reason is this - the BN people are much less interested in listening and are more inclined to shout and yell.

I have friends in both camps and the BN camp for the past five years have been strutting as if they know more, blablabla.

Going into the election, they were all really, really overconfident and then proceeded to give the clearest  demonstration of pride coming before the fall on any instance or situation I have ever seen.

Here's the bad news. Some friends in the PR camp are showing the exact same symptoms. Man, even though I predict a PR win for GE14 in 2018, it is still PR's to lose. I think they're overusing the street rallies, making it passe and boring. I think they've started to yell and shout a lot as well.

Of course, I might be wrong, and this is what the people want.

To me, I believe you can always change the Government, but I do not believe a single bit that anything will change, except in name only.

I am only thinking of Thailand, and the stuff I want to write, and hopefully one day be free enough to leave KL to distant shores.