Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crimson Tide

I woke up this morning reading social media on calls for a boycott of Chinese businesses and Chinese goods.

Read here, here and here.

This call was started by dunno who and is now being promoted by pro-BN bloggers. Buy Malay first, Buy Chinese last.

This is the kind of stupidity that will get BN and UMNO to lose everything.

First of all, this thing is blatantly, overtly racist. Talk about reconciliation? Fuck you, man. You're driving the wedge even further apart.

How can anyone, in any good conscience, say this is acceptable?

I understand, the Chinese voted overwhelmingly for the Opposition in GE13. So? Free country, mah. Ko marah apasal? The fact that some took BN's money and then didn't vote for them - so? Sue them la, in the court of law.

I believe BN's pride was hurt cause they got conned. Ha-haa! Well, you used to con people, now when people con you, it's a travesty?

Ko letak ramai conmen dalam Gomen, lepas tu marah bila ko kena con? Ko bodoh ke beruk?

You remind me of fuckers who criticise other people's work, but when people criticise theirs, they go ballistic  Fucking whiners.

Yes, everyone can vote with their money, but this is too much. Too blatant. Too stupid.

If a race riot happens, the Malays will be blamed because of these racist rhetoric. The racist Chinese (quite a few) hide their racism well. Learn from them at least, you stupid fucking monkeys.

Plus, the Chinese have all the money. While dumb-ass BN kept the Malays working RM2,500 jobs, telling them to bersyukur with five kids, the Chinese breed less, spend less and invest more.

Yes, the Malay buying power is awesome, but that leaves Malays with little to no cash. What the fuck, man?

You dug this hole for over 50 years, Barisan Nasional. Now you complain you're in a hole. Fuck you. I've been telling you for years. Did you listen? Noooo. So fuck you.

I am not joining this boycott as I consider it as ridiculous as boycotting Jewish products or pro-Israel companies.

I will also NOT go the pathetic Malay apologist route and buy stuff from Chinese shops because I feel guilty or don't want to be seen as racist.

I will buy things based on my needs and my funds, logistics and whether I like your face.

There are as many Malay conmen as Chinese conmen. I don't do business with conmen. If you're a conman, I don't give a shit what race you are. To me, you are an animal.