Monday, April 29, 2013

Journeyman Mistakes: Good or Good Enough

Lots of people approach me and tell me they want to write. But they never do, so fuck them.

Those who do, sometimes ask this stupid question, "But what if it's not good enough? What if people hate it?"

Here's some science I pulled out of my ass - no matter what you do, 3% of the people will love it, and 3% of the people will hate it. The rest of the world - 94% of them, won't give a flying fuck.

People are self-obsessed. They only care and think about themselves. All their judgments and reactions are in reference to their stupid, fat, egotistical, dumb selves.

Look at the current campaign for GE13. You can't miss it, if you're in Malaysia. Both PR and BN plaster every inch of the city with their flags, banners and bullshit - mostly bullshit. It's as if people are so stupid, they will vote based on who can put more of their logos in public places.

The sad part is - it is true. People are stupid.

They will vote for the General Election, and decide whether they like a story/politician or not, or make any decision - based on nothing other than how it will make them look.

Since the Malaysian mentality is stuck at 4 years old, we as a society are still grappling with self-image issues. The society and its people are shallow motherfuckers.

My point is, in writing, fuck off and die. Who gives a fuck whether it's good or good enough? No one can tell, really, because it's relative to what and how it makes some people look, whenever they comment on a work of art or a work of rubbish.

It doesn't matter.

So the next time I put up a call for submissions, don't be afraid and send me your stuff. I have read some great ones which will go into the book KL Noir: White and some weak ones which - if I have the time - I will send back to the writers with my comments.