Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decade of Decadence: Freedom

In my 10 years working in the media industry, I have quit my job maybe several times. Always, I quit to go and do freelance or to set up my own company.

My recent resignation from the biggest media company in the country is also to set off on my own and to enjoy the freedom of being out there and doing fuck all and masturbatorily love myself and suck my own dick.

My new company starts early May, probably before the election. I have some deadlines in terms of setting up service packages, pricing, and SOPs which I need to present to the team.

If you don't set how things are going to work or do ad hoc all the way, all you're going to get is more work. I'm talking from experience.

Servicing clients is one thing, but sometimes clients don't know what they need.

Being the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century, starting May 1, I am not taking any shit from anyone. You want shit done? You listen to me. You want what's good for you? You do what I say.

In order to enjoy freedom, to be free to do anything, you must be prepared to lose everything.

I have made decisions all my life so I would not be responsible for anyone's lives but my own. I have no children, no wife, no house, no car, no whatever. I have nothing. To lose.

I am not jumping into any project midway. I am not going to follow other people's workflow but my own. It's my way or the highway. And I'm okay with taking the highway cause it gets me there faster.

So fuck all of you who doubt me. Suck my substantial dick.