Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GE13 Campaign Update

I am currently watching a dreadfully boring TV3 show on the impending election. It features two speakers who drone on and on about stats and numbers - fine - but the BN agenda was right smack dab in the middle of the room like a giant white elephant humping the studio lights.

I see this, and I believe this is an accurate representation of what is happening in the Malaysian political landscape at the moment. Preachers preaching to the choir.

I had an inkling of this when I tried to show - in the same week - the Anwar sex video screencaps as well as GlobalWitness' expose on alleged corruption in Sarawak to both BN and PR supporters.

Both types of people REFUSED to watch the video that is not in line with their fixed beliefs. One guy went so far as running across the room.

One person saw one of the videos, went home crying, and had to be consoled by other people who told her it was all just a dream.

Such is the political landscape in Malaysia. Campaigning was done years ago, and I doubt we will  see any dramatic major swing in the next few days.

Of all news outlets, Al-Jazeera had the most interesting implied view. According to some friends who have Astro, some parts of the GE13 news coverage on Al-Jazeera supposedly implied this election as between the poor Malays (preached to incessantly by BN) and the non-Malays (by non-BN).

Yes. Race-based politics, which is nothing new. Even the political parties are not addressing it directly, but they do it anyway. Which is fine. addressing the race issues might fan the stupid flames so much and some incidents might occur.

Politics is usually not about love or ideas. It is about hate and the victim mentality. It is about ego and these days, I can't even go out and see my fellow Malaysians without having this choking hate-miasma shoved down my throat. It is unfortunate, but this is how I see politics as - of course - a divisive thing rather than something that unites people under a common cause. Really, where are the causes? Buried under an avalanche of personal attacks, what we have here shows me that for the past 56 years have always been hateful monkey politics - and I am pointing fingers as well as one substantial dick - at ALL sides.

On a lighter note, I notice some cunning on BN cybertroopers' side on social media. Before this, The Internet have always been the playground of the opposition. Hence, most populist hot chicks - or at the very least girls who do not look like complete animals - have always been anti-establishment.

The BN cybertroopers have wisened up and kept retweeting stuff by girls who are pro-establishment, who look half-decent. I have no proof for this, and I could just be talking out of my ass. But if this is in any way true, then please continue.

Meanwhile, I run away from all this negative energy by focusing on my own work - a novel, one video, some projects and a book I am editing. I have booked a vacation to Thailand after the election so as to cleanse myself from all this hate and negativity, which I am sure will grip the nation for the next month or so.