Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dream

This is the last and final ambition I have left. This is what I want to do when I retire.

After collecting RM2 million or more, I will go back to Kuantan and buy a condo unit in Cherating.

I'll pay 29% taxes on my money, leaving me around 1.4 million. I'll invest the one million in unit trusts and bonds as well as stocks. I'll use the 400K to fund my simple lifestyle for the next 4-5 years.

I'll buy a used 4WD. I don't need fancy cars, man. Just something functional.

Every morning, I'll wake up and either do my jujitsu exercises, or I'll go ride a horse. Horse-riding is excellent exercise.

Then I'll go swimming for an hour or so. Breakfast will be various forms of oats. I recently found steel-milled oats - best oats in the world - but they're expensive.

The, I'll go start my 4WD and go to my parents' house. For lunch, as well as to take care of my agricultural projects.

After I am financially free, I want to do something good for the poor folk I grew up with. I'll get them to plant papayas, rear free-range chicken or whatever. Then I'll buy everything from them, handling the marketing and whatever. I'll get my cut, but at least I would be able to supplement their income by 600-1,000 a month.

Maybe I'll plant some exotic stuff on my land - I got a few acres back East. Maybe I'll buy more land and plant, I don't know, coconuts or some shit.

I'll be back at my condo in Cherating by dinner time, and I'd eat oats with some dishes cooked by my mother. Lots of vegetables and loads of water.

Then, I'll go and continue my smithing practice (I'm gonna make samurai swords), jujitsu or piano/dance lessons.

Late at night, I'd be writing. I'd write the shit out of writing. I'd write that great Malaysian novel.

Then, I'd go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Forever and ever. Until the day I die.

The one million will generate at least 500K after five years, allowing me to sustain my lifestyle.

Some weeks, I'd go to KL, to send my manuscript or scripts, pick up cheques or handle a fundraising thing for some charity projects.

Twice or three times a year, I'd go to Thailand.

You see, I don't need much. I just need RM2 million.

I don't have dreams to conquer the world or prove I'm right. I don't need people to tell me I'm right. I KNOW I'm right. Fuck you.

So any of you rich people can send me RM2 million by depositing it into my Maybank account: 114487051142. Name: Amir Hafizi Mohamed Sood.

After you make the deposit, send an email to

By freeing me from financial shackles, I will make life better for everyone, because helping the poor also means you and your family are less likely to get raped and robbed by desperate people. Less likely. Not a guarantee.