Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lord of Destruction

You know, I wanted so much to like PKR politician Nurul Izzah. She comes from my generation, so I thought she could be different.

I mean, fuck her father. In my opinion, Anwar Ibrahim was and is a liar. I waited 14 years for him to open one of his 'boxes upon boxes' of evidence of corruption against the UMNO top brass. I was here, in KL, and I listened during the Reformasi years. I was 18 years of age. And I've waited since then.

14 fucking years. I thought he had something, but all that drama 14 years ago was just so he could stand on stage and call Siti Hasmah bald. That was all. The spiteful drama queen. I've met many people like Anwar since and I understand it is just a mental epidemic. It is a symptom of the bruised ego. I see people like that nowadays, and I just smile, because soon... soon (aheheheh).

I don't even give a shit about Anwar's sexuality or whether he fucks prostitutes. I always think that's between him, God and his family. If he did any of those things, he lied to his family, he lied to his wife. I don't give a flying fuck. It just fits his profile of being a liar, if he did lie to his family.

For some people, lying is acceptable. Not to me. Which is why I have problems with politicians - most or all of whom constantly lies - or politician wannabes who read too many dumbass management books.

In Nurul Izzah, I expected more. My fault, really. I had expectations, despite my understanding of where that ultimately leads - disappointment.

Of all possible issues to bring up, religious freedom is the toughest. If Nurul Izzah were to bring it up properly, if she had stood up for the real deal and not just pussyfooting the whole thing, I believe a lot of Malaysians would back her up, myself included.

I believe in religious freedom. Total religious freedom. I find it embarrassing that we would hold apostates in captivity. I find these acts sabotage the faith, sabotage Islam. It makes Islam look pathetic, makes Muslims look like insecure stupid bullshit artists, and if there's one thing I hate more than evil, it's stupidity.

In a world where perception is almost everything, Islam, Muslims - especially Malaysian Muslims - are losing a global battle. Fuck ideologies, even at a base level, we are doing what the suicide bombers did - make the religion look like some crazy mumbo-jumbo retarded bullshit.

But no. Nurul decided to play politics instead. To play the politician. And a million different monkeys leapt either to her defence, or to condemn her for a stand she cowardly backed out off.

And then she is threatening to sue people. Real original, that move. There are lots of things from America I hate, and a culture of lawsuits is one of them. It is the only way to intimidate people and to curb freedom, to waste time and resources.

What could have been a game-changer, is now just a clumsy denial. Nurul just addressed the huge elephant in the room, and then said she never saw anything. Or heard the cries of those still locked up, perhaps, in Pusat Pemulihan Akhlaks.

I mean, sure, strategically, bringing this shit up could cost PR the election. The next election. GE13. But after that, there is a four year time period where one of a few things could happen:

1. Nurul and PR's fight could spark a valid discussion and get the backing of the people.

2. BN could smell the world changing and also changed their stand to make Malaysia a more liberal country.

3. People could start killing each other in a religious civil war.

If number one or number two happened, with or without number three, it would have been great for our society. I mean, if we say fuck the politics and who is in power, as long as Malaysians get to have more freedom, it would have been a good thing.

However, PR is not willing to put politics behind or beyond them, for the good of the people. I mean, we all know what BN is capable of, but PR has always maintained the higher moral ground posturing. Sadly, in the end, it is just posturing. They are just as fucked up as BN is.

Wake up and look around you. Today, Colorado legalised marijuana. Maine is allowing same-sex marriage. The whole of America will follow. Then, the world will also reconsider its own policies. Within 20-30 years, it would be a very different world indeed.

We always try to future-proof our economy, but what about future-proofing our society? You want to start something, you want to stand for something? This is the time. This is the place.

Ah, well. I said my peace.