Sunday, November 11, 2012

Man-Woman Interface: Manipulation and Lies

Sometimes, I do get uncomfortable when I talk with people. Yeah, imagine that. And it's different between men and women, when they talk about each other.

Some men love hypnosis shit. The idea is to hypnotise hot chicks to be addicted to your dick. That's the Holy Grail. If it's not hypnosis, then it's some magic technique where you can get girls to be addicted to your dick.

That's pretty straightforward enough, and I don't blame them. Most humans' only purpose in life is to breed, like a virus, and destroy this world with overpopulation and heavy-handed moralising.

You tell this to a girl, right, and her reaction can sometimes be, "Ehermahgerd! That's so manipulative! That's so fake!"

Well, consider these arguments:

1. Even though women shun all things fake and only go for all natural, organic, free-range whatever the fuck, they constantly slather on petroleum by-products on their faces and blame men for it.

2. Even though women 'hates fakery on all levels', they tend to go for the most pretentious of roosters (and by roosters, I mean cocks) who drive expensive cars or 'look cool'.

3. Again, fuck with the fakery, but weddings - more often symbolic than functional - would require spending lots of time, energy and money for pure bullshit - a legal, licensed way to destroy the earth with stupidity.

What I'm saying is that coveting hypnosis as the only means to get some pussy - aside from money - is pretty pathetic enough, those who do say it's manipulative and lying while at the same time incorporating manipulation and lying into the core of their beings is pretty hypocritical.

No, I'm not angry or disgusted. I had 10 years to do that, in my 20s. Now, I just watch it for the comedy.