Friday, November 23, 2012

Tales from the Drunk Side: Crossroads

I am rather lugubrious at the moment.

Been out drinking with friends, which is not something I can say often these days.

I mean, most of my drinking buddies and my friends in general have left the country. Fucking upped and left.

Now, most of what's left are drug addicts and tea drinkers. Most. The Resistance lives on.

I been thinking - maybe I should go and fucking leave the fucking country. But I don't hate Malaysia. I am already comfortable here. I got my game on, I know how things work, and I understand the people. I could empathise with them, you know? Cause I'm a fucking Pisces and shit.

The only way I would leave is if I'm offered to do something that could either save the world, or fulfill my artistic needs.

Fancy term, artistic needs. But it is what it is. I got deadlines this weekend. I got shit I need to do, and I control everything with that. Only way to work, brosephs.

When you know every single moving, flapping thing, your work can finally reach the potential it can achieve.

Otherwise, it's just bullshit.

But, you know, persevere. It's a marathon, not a sprint, except in places where you have to sprint. My team won the bronze award at an international marketing thing tonight. And the company I work for won gold. Number one. Best in the world

I can tell you that we are the best in the world. And when you're the best, you're a moving target. You got a target on your back. But never let that affect you. Fuck that shit, man. I know shit. I know everything.

I'm so fucking smart, man. The greatest mind of the 21st Century.

Who couldn't pick up the fucking lighter for the past five minutes.

I see what's going on. I do what I can, as a superhero, to make everything better. I'm still a fucking superhero, trying to help whenever I can. What the fuck? I mean, I should just go and fucking score all the money and pussy I could get, right? But noooo. Altruistic and self-sacrificing. That's me. I'm a saint. An angel, man. I mean, like, what the fuck.

If I was selfish, I'd be a politician and take ALL your money. All of it. But I'm honest and hardworking and shit. That's my curse. I'll always be fair and neutral and one with the universe and shit.

I AM the greatest, aren't I?

Took care of my ego years ago. I can be frighteniongly professional and shit. And not because I'm ambitious. It's simply because that's who I am. I don't give a fuck about bullshit image. Look at my clothes. ALL of my shirts are more than five years old.

I'm so fucking great and shit. You kinow? What the fuck?