Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just Fuck It

There are things we can control, and there are things we can't. Worrying about things beyond our control could land us in despair.

But seriously, ask yourself - what is really beyond our control? You can always refuse to be a victim of whatever.

I lay on my bed just now, and suddenly, I feel the old energy again. Been a long day, but suddenly I am not tired.

I guess light comes when it is darkest or whatever.

Been walking around for the past few weeks with dread hanging over me. That feeling of dread is gone. In its place, a sense of purpose. I am ready to lose everything, and therefore I am ready to do anything.

Time is a resource, and time is a barrier. It is an issue, like money, but fuck it. Just, fuck it.

I was raised by television. By cartoon shows that teach me, to just fuck it. If you have a pet dinosaur, you go skateboarding with it. If a green-haired personification of the planet is living inside your ring, you try to make out with the hot Russian chick.

This is what happens when you hit depression's rock bottom. You either go kill yourself, or stand tall and you fucking walk.

Fuck you. Fuck all of you who ever think I'm stupid or can be manipulated into anything. I am politicians' worst nightmare because I can't be bought, and I believe in the truth.

I have like, Abraham Lincoln for a penis.

I've always been afraid of my intensity, because I have seen how it burns through everything, but I think it is also a very useful tool to get things done. Rather than mope around and shit, I should go out there and just fuck it.

Do not fuck with me. Unless you're Thai. Or Natalie Portman or something.