Sunday, July 1, 2012


Recently, some people in loosely connected spheres started fighting. And by 'fighting', I meant they started Cold-Warring the shit out of each other.

It is in my best interest to shut up, but my masturbation failed just now because my dick refused to come even after I wanked it for an hour. It's still hard. Yeah, I guess when I have sex, I can last for two hours or more.

Anyway, I am the Lord of Destruction. My brother Mephisto is the Lord of Hate, so I know somewhat about hate.

The first half of my adult life was spent hating. Hating others is like taking poison and wishing those other people to die. Hate is also purely egotistical. My hate stemmed from the FACT that I am way smarter than everyone else. I am also more honourable, more handsome, and my dick can fuck for two-three hours straight and can go hard in just two seconds.

Despite all these clear advantages and the fact that I am the next step in evolution - the next giant leap for human existence - I was still not made Carnifex and Psychopomp of the omniverse.

I went on a rampage of why. Why this, why that.

It wasn't until I was with a prostitute in the back alleys of Bangkok, sharing a late supper of prawn fried rice, that I understood the meaning of it all. That night, I cracked the code, amongst other things. I finally saw what mattered and what didn't. Whole vistas of awareness opened up for me and all I had to do was look in or step out into it.

I have recorded some of my revelations here, on this site, and you can read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth to understand way more. Ayn Rand is a dick trying to convince assholes into becoming even bigger assholes.

My enlightenment is just better. Hahahahaha!

That was a joke, because if you are truly enlightened, there is no such thing as 'better'.

And if you really didn't care, if you are really strong enough to exist without relying on the approval of others, you really wouldn't give a shit what other people say or do.

When I was hated on, when I first found out people were whispering nasty things behind my back, I reacted, emotionally. And by 'whispering', I meant there were some people who hated me so much, they circulated memos in their office to 'Beware of Amir, Satan Himself, The Dark Lord Lucifer Morningstar'.

And by reacting emotionally, I meant I was laughing my ass off. Not because I didn't give a shit. I was trying to convince myself and others I didn't give a shit. It all became an image game. I had the need to convince myself and others that I was strong. And that, my friends, was my weakness.

Because if you truly, truly didn't give a shit, you wouldn't react at all. Not physically, not emotionally, not mentally. It would all pass through you like you were space. Not spaced out, but just space.

Yoda is right. Hate comes from fear. And it only leads to suffering. Hate comes from fear that you are what an event or a thing or a person wants you to be. It is totally irrational because there is one truth and no one can change that truth - not you, not your friends and not your 'enemies'.

There are no 'sides' simply because we are all connected. From the viewpoint of God, each os us and our silly little lives would seem nothing but tiny specks on another speck. From the viewpoint of geological ages, our time here is as short as the blink of an eye. If you draw a line from the beginning of time till now - a total of around what, 3 billion years? - human existence is most probably just 2 million years old.

And the drama of your boyfriend cheating on you or your husband beating you up, is just a teensy, tiny fraction of that.

At the end of the day, none of this, none of us, matters. From the planet's standpoint, humans are merely a virus and our civilisations just a series of rashes it needs to scratch one day, if it ever awakens.

Scientists are saying that the physical human body might have reached its peak. We cannot evolve physically beyond what we are now. Which could mean that the only way to go forward is to evolve our presence and spiritual essence into something else.

And hate would just be an outdated concept like a third eye or vestigial tail that would only hold us back.