Sunday, July 1, 2012

Freedom Twits

Twitter is the last bastion of stupidity. And freedom. It is the one place where no one owns anything and because of that, participation level is high.

Human nature dictates, fueled by our egos, we naturally want to own or dominate something, even if it's un-ownable. Especially if it's impossible to own. For example, I would like to be Scarlett Johansson's slave-master.

I want to buy her from her management whatever and I want to fuck her everyday and make her clean my apartment.

All major corporations, governments and huge assholes - even the poor ones - want to own everything. On Twitter, that can't happen for very long.

The best that major entities can do is make a strong, solid case for themselves and remain true to that message and/or stand. Then they have to remain effective and consistent sending out that message on Twitter and all other channels, which means more jobs for people.

So if anyone ever tries to sell the thought that he or she is a Twitter God, Demi-God, King, Prince, Queen, Princess or Guru, he/she is lying.

No one owns that shit. You can be effective at it, and for a limited time at that, for specific topics, but you can never own it. And without ownership, there is freedom. That freedom is expensive and may one day cost everyone, if Twitter's IPO flops.

In Malaysia, there are people and parties who I sense are jostling for power and influence. One good thing about this is that without support from the people at the grassroots level, they are powerless. The bad thing is that a lot of people are easily deceived.

What do I want from Twitter? I want it to continue to be nebulous and chaotic. I honestly want major entities to keep coming to me to make sense of it all.

I am no God, Guru or Techno-Rat. I just live here, online, since 1996 - I'm a late bloomer. I can offer you insight, strategy that works and to weed out conmen.

And I want Twitter to be free, because its freedom is ours - we own it.

Vote Amir Hafizi for Permatang Pauh 2013.