Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Half Time

I just got back from a grueling three days back home in Kuantan. I have just a few hours to do some office stuff before I hop on a flight to Kuching, Sarawak to get away from everything.

My parents' health are deteriorating, as expected. Everyone's getting older in my family. Mortality is a question we will have to deal with very soon.

Part of the reason I started my diet is to experience a healthier life. Diabetes, hypertension and a series of strokes as well as old age ravaged my father's small body and mind. Given my lifestyle and my medical history, if I don't do something now, I might be dealing with severe illnesses very soon.

I am not afraid at all of death. Death is whatever, man. I am terrified, though, of being confined to a machine that is not a giant robot for 20-30 years. And I find medical appointments a hassle, especially at an old age.

When I said time and again that I am preparing for retirement, I did not just mean getting enough money to do so (a minimum of RM2 million per person to retire), but also being able to retire from a physiological and psychological standpoint.

Meanwhile, work is fine. I'm still finding my balance in a new position (reverse cowgirl), but I'll do it step by step. First is information. I can do nothing without information, and there are all sorts of information out there. I just need to get the right data and the means to read them before formulating a plot.

My diet is working. My new haircut is a big hit and I think more women are getting wet when I walk past.

Talking about women, I am looking forward to closing a few chapters and opening new ones.

Anyway, I just ate perhaps 300gm of oats and a banana plus some almonds, so I am loaded with fiber right now. Which means I need to take a crap real soon.

I'll write again before going to Kuching. For now, fuck off and die.