Monday, July 9, 2012

The Problem with People

With people, the problem is that they listen and read what was said or wrote, and then they believe it.

I always write that my dick is three feet long. And then they believe it, causing depression and suicide rates to go up.

These are the same fuckers who vote for politicians based on cool factor and not what the motherfucker (or buttfucker) is going to do later on, when they're in power.

Just yesterday, Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang, said he could do away with tolls with just RM35 million. This is either crazy, stupid or genius because:

1. Maintenance of highways and expressways cost billions. PLUS' expressways ALONE costs close to a billion a year. And PLUS does not maintain ALL the highways and expressways. They control like, four or six of them.

2. Lim Guan Eng's supporters would support him anyway regardless if he says he will pull a rabbit out of his ass or something.

3. Idiots on the fence will think, "Say, that's a good deal! I'll vote for the motherfucker!"

He thinks he's so smart, but I know his plan - take all the Rm35 million, go up to Genting and bet it all on 35 Red at the roulette table.

If he wins maybe, 99 times in a row, that might be enough for this bullshit. Maybe he could then pave all of Malaysia to become one giant carpark. And build a giant robot made out of road signs.

I'm STILL neutral, but I just can't take this shit any longer. I don't give a shit whether it's BN or PR, these politicians really do believe we're stupid.

Money can't be created or destroyed, except in the US. Costs don't just disappear if you don't pay for it. Other people will have to pay. Maybe the RM35 million is to last five years of lawsuits from concessionaires or it might be enough for Lim to run away, Thaksin style.

If the (PR?) Government were to absorb the cost of maintenance alone, then what? Higher taxes?

What a load of bullshit.

Every time a politician opens his mouth - everytime - it just seems to me that they all had surgical procedures where they transplant a donkey's ass to their skull.

"Hey, where you goin', Khir Toyo?"


"Aw, fuck! You got donkey shit on my sneakers, man, what the fuck?"

"Hey, Nurul Izzah, good morning!"

"Good Hwuarghhh! SPURT! SPURT! BLERGHHHH!"

"Holy bullshit off a politician's mouth! Ewww! That's disgusting!"

The Prostitution rests.