Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Hate

As the greatest mind of the 21st Century, I am appalled by the fact that politicians make more than I do.

Politicians are the scum of the earth. When God created shit, the by-product was politicians.

God: I got this brown shit in my hand and it smells foul. Name this shit, Adam. Name it!

Adam: I think I'll call that 'shit'.


Adam: But what's that thing on the side?

God: Oh, that's just the waste created from making this shit.

Adam: Okay. I name them 'politicians'.

Politicians are made when a rabid dog rapes a radioactive chipmunk, IN THE FACE. Then they go around making logos that look like shit and writing songs that nobody likes.

Sometimes, they buttfuck their aides. Or wear a tudung to pretend to be holy. Oh, they're holy, all right. ALL politicians have two assholes - on on their butts and one on their face.

Every day, shit falls off their mouth.

I have no idea why people listen to these shit-faced by-products of shit.

I demand we all go and kill all politicians by scalping them. And skinning them alive, throwing them in the sea and then burning them in a styrofoam box.