Friday, June 29, 2012

Melancholic Bullshit

There are Jungian archetypes, a system to classify people or characters into several different types.

Then there's the classic Greek Moods which feature the Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine personality types.

You know who obsess over personality types? Sanguine, cause they're self-obsessed peacocks.

Sanguines love attention, are hyper and constantly seek public approval. Their main question is WHO cause they're dumb as fuck. Sanguuines go out and do their rih-rih-rah-rah with no thought, because all that rih-rih-rah-rah is the point. It's their only point.

Sanguines are fun, though, and at least 40% are good in the sack.

Me, I'm a Melancholic, a word which used to mean something else in the old days. Melancholics are obsessed with the question HOW. We are the real scientists, people who figure out execution and methodology.

We crave information and data, often designating and labeling people into three types - valid informers, liars and no information dumbass fucks. As you can guess, sanguines are no information dumbass fucks who constantly preen and kiss their own asses, which would have made them great in the sack except for the fact that they suck.

Our weakness is too much analysis without action. Also, since everything is solved in the brain, there is no need to convey or communicate these things to other people, making Melancholics shut in.

All Melancholics are great at sex and have big dicks.

Cholerics are people who could only ask WHAT questions. They are consumed by the bottomline, the end result. They make great leaders, but are sometimes as clumsy at communication as Melancholics and are prone to temper tantrums when they don't get their way.

Phlegmatics are also like Melancholics in the sense their name represented something else in the old days. Phlegmatics ask WHY and they're quite pathetic. They support everyone else and are constantly trying to be followers and require instruction when everyone should lead their own lives.

Phlegmatics are important since usually we have a lot of these and they shape the group dynamics as well as execute most of the work.

Phlegmatics crave harmony but are indecisive.

You might think Melancholics are the best people and you are right, but the best INDIVIDUAL, is the one who can take on whatever role at whatever time. There is a time to listen and gather data like a Melancholic, time to make firm decisions like a Choleric, situations where Sanguine communication skills to sell ideas are the only things that matter, and Phlegmatics' mentality to maintain harmony and to do the work as per instructions.

I have analysed all this for years, and I do agree with the four divisions - humans suck.