Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Problem With Rich People

Wealth is wasted on the wealthy.

I see rich people, and a lot of them are butt-ugly. Consider the wives of powerful people. I do not and cannot understand why the wives of the rich and powerful mostly have big hair. The kind of hairstyle that makes you look like you were attacked by a Head-Grabbing Full-Fur Headcrab.

I'm like, what the fuck, man? Why would you want to go out looking like that? That's stupid.

And then look at their furniture. Velvet-cushioned chairs? For serious? Did you bump your head on that stupid shit daybed or some shit? It's fucking ugly, bitch!

And then, their cars. Lambos, Ferraris, they don't run properly on our roads. Not when there's a speed-bump every few kilometres. What the fuck? And to drive a car that can go 220km/h in a country where the maximum speed limit is 110km/h is damn fucking stupid.

And then their kids are dumbass douchebags. When was the last time a Nobel Prize winner had hyper-rich parents who di not buy the awards for them? With all the time and money in the world to get it right, and you still suck at parenting.

Man, we should kill rich people just out of principle. And get them the fuck out of the gene pool. I don't want none of y'all to inherit big hair. What the fuck is that shit? I mean, fuck you. Really, just fuck you.