Friday, June 29, 2012

Loose Rhythm

I was brushing my teeth when KLONK! my toothbrush hit a problematic tooth and broke it. It was loose and wiggling the whole day and pissed me off.

Had a meeting at 2pm, stuff to handle, people to meet and stories to edit. All the while trying to find a dental clinic that would do bridging for a reasonable price. The most expensive was RM5,400 for just one procedure.


So I decided to just get a dentist to yank the tooth out and wait for UH to do the bridging. Gov hospitals charge way less, but I may have to wait till September at the earliest to get it done. It might be December before my face regains its model good looks.

Work is finally clearing up. I took some advice and decided to look at timelines. I was cramming everything into one huge ball of whateverthefuck cause I have a superhero complex.

Having done everything I ever wanted to do in writing, everything I could think of, crammed in a short number of years, I've always come from the viewpoint that everything can be done and run simultaneously.

My first editors valued above all else, a huge amount of work. I was going to six assignments a day and finishing six stories to contribute to 16 pages of the newspaper every day of the week.

On top of that, I was writing books, movies and TV series.

I wrote till I puked blood. Literally. Was hospitalised four times. Blah blah blah. Said it all before.

Now, I find my methods outdated and out of sync. The industry has changed so much. Journalism values have also changed.

I do not lament the passing of that era. I find this new world and new situations I keep finding myself in to be quite intriguing. And I face new situations and new challenges every day.

Certain things remain the same, though. Humans don't change. They're the same fear-filled mammals from days of yore.

Humans are social animals - it is what defines them. And each society, has a rhythm. They have an information flow, they have an attitude, and they move to a rhythm, a frequency. You find that magic number, that beat, and you can choose to be in sync or you can remove yourself from it.

Every place and every society is the same, except for their frequencies. Their rhythm.

I just need to find that so I could get back to what I do best. And also an appointment to fill this gaping hole in my mouth.