Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wiggle: The First Milestone

I have reached the first milestone of my weight-loss initiative - the 10kg mark. I went on the scales and discovered that I have lost 10kg after two and a half weeks of diet and exercise.

Truth be told, I cheated a little. I went on the scales wearing only a towel. Without my clothes bogging me down, yes, that's a full 10kg or around 22 pounds. With all my clothes, it would be somewhat less than that.

My aim is 44kg of weight-loss in a year. This 100 days? I would be happy if I lose 20kg. Or 30kg.

Already called my mother telling her not to cook extra stuff for me come Ramadan. I also have my Raya meals planned out somewhat.

My only concern now are the trips I will be making around Malaysia for a project. The cornerstone of my diet is my ability to fix myself breakfast and dinner. Travelling means this freedom is diminished somewhat. I need to pack up my oats and stuff in order to remain on course.

This is war.