Thursday, June 28, 2012


They say pride comes before the fall. I don't know who 'they' are, but those are wise words.

As the most arrogant man on earth, I can tell you that I have been watching pride and ego destroy careers, lives, industries, dictatorships, governments, administrations and ultimately, happiness.

You are never too old or too stupid to learn. And of course, never too smart.

Nobody knows everything, except perhaps Wikipedia. And yet Wikipedia has little information on comparative studies between Druid worship in Ireland and idolatry in pagan Indonesia. I found a journal with that exact information at a different site. It was research for a short story I wanted to write when I was 19, establishing the Ctulhu mythos in South East Asia.

Ego and an unwillingness to take responsibility was what crushed the Badawi administration. I would love to take credit for that, but I doubt Pak Lah ceased to become Prime Minister because I wrote a blog post  suggesting he tossed KJ's salad.

Hubris, arrogance, an inflation of the ego, all comes from a deflated ego. The ego constantly tries to do only one thing - survive. It survives only by fortifying its existence. A deflated ego is a weak ego and the natural gut reaction is to expand that ego.

This is the reason why people do evil, mean things. This is why we have bullies. This is why most people do anything. Insecurities.

The biggest bullies are the most insecure people, trying to find something they can be proud of, while at the same time convinced, subconsciously, that they have nothing they can take pride in.

People naturally hate themselves. I believe the reason is they do not know themselves and are merely lashing out at the thing that is pretending to be them - the ego.

The ego pretends to be you and then decides some 'truths' or some labels to be yours. Anything that tries to put it in any other way, is something to be feared and rejected.

If you fear death, if you fear destruction, if you fear failure, or anything, that is not you. That is your ego pretending to be you.

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