Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Intermission: Lord of Destruction

The Sandman - greatest comic book ever written - has only one story. The King of Dreams learns that he has to either change or die, and makes his choice.

It is an analogy for a lot of things, and perhaps everything. Change is destruction, change is death. Change and death are interchangeable as when you stop being exactly this or that, you become something else and that is the end of what you were. So there is no real choice between change and death.

I am under a lot of stress - pressure which I put myself under. My role at work has changed recently, and though I was already doing what I am now supposed to do since several months ago, I am automatically shifting to the next gear and doing more than what I was doing before.

The problem is, I do not currently have all the information necessary to complete the next step.

I can whine about this, or I can get the information tomorrow and execute a lot of stuff. Some tasks, though, need to be pushed back. Rearranging, prioritizing, doing some things I have not done before.

Change, or die. And death is not really an undesireable outcome. Neither is change.

Stress comes from a hyperactive mind. The best relaxation techniques do not advise you to stop thinking, but rather to acknowledge and accept the flurry of activity in your mind.

Once you have done that, no power in the universe can stop you.

Now, for the daily porn.