Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things to Buy

Today, I finally got around to editing a video. I haven't edited a video in years and the only times I did prior to this were simply to give direction to the real editors who know what to do with the thing.

Just a minor tweaking tomorrow, I suppose. It is for actual work, and is to be uploaded on YouTube. I can only say that it is a very safe and simple topic, but has got me thinking into upgrading my computer yet again and purchasing a camera as well as editing software.

Of course, I do have the stove I wanted prior to this. A gas stove with which to cook stuff. The current electric thing I am using is limited in many ways, and after using my mother's kitchen, I am very much aware of the limitations.

For example, having a flat cooking surface with the induction-hob pans (I find Tefal to be the best) means foodstuff caking the damned thing. When I cooked with a wok, I experienced none of these problems.

To purchase proper tools, I would need around RM20,000. To prepare for my retirement, I would need around RM2 million. Hmmm...