Saturday, February 25, 2012

House of M: Magic and Mystery

Internet, social media, whatever - they are not magic. It's not some obscure bullshit medium where you gain traction by being weird.

It's just that - a medium. The rules are somewhat different, as how writing for newspapers and writing for magazines are different. How writing for TV and the big screen are different things. Animation is different than live action. Even 3D movies speak with their own language.

But the core remains the same. All communication is, is just two souls connecting with one another. Just that. And the one thing you can't duplicate, is the human soul. If you start out as a soulless bastard, that's all you'll ever end up with - hollow, shallow bullshit.

This is where the being trumps the doing. Have depth. Don't do what you believe is expected of you. I've been to shit where young kids, who are supposed to be the ultimate rebels, present shit they believe will please old people. Fuck old people. Seriously.

In this brave new world bullshit, the young lead the way. Me? I'm fucking ancient. I come from a generation whose role is to destroy. We do not build. We find the stupid shit in a system, and we destroy it. That is the role of Generation X - the destroyers of the world.

Built for it, bred for it. We have destroyed so many things, in our lifetime. So, so many things.

The last thing I want to see before I die, is the setting up of a mirror system or culture that was started by the self-indulgent, self-important, selfish baby boomers. Those fucktards ruined our world. Don't repeat their mistakes.

But do not discard the shit that works. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just build better cars.