Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Adventures of Boron: Boron Supremacy

It was a hot and humid day. By the time I got out for lunch, my mood and energy went out the window.

I just wanted to go home and sleep. And whine like a fucking Pakatan Rakyat motherfucker.

I dazed in and out of meetings. There were three. Or five.

So I got home and masturbated. Then it started to rain. Wait, no. It started to rain before I walked home. So, I was masturbating while it was raining? What?

Then I was attacked by these lice-men and I had to change into my 'Fire-Proof Suit'. I beat them all with a voice-activated triangle laser shooting from my hands. That's when Don Horror sucked me into some sort of null-space hell or some shit.

To steady myself, I summoned my armoured motorcycle with a sidecar that had its controls in the fucking sidecar.

I was winning with my laser saber, but then the monsters grew gigantic, so I called my spaceship that turned into a robot dragon that fires lasers.

I win, of course.

Then I went to sleep, woke up and ate oatmeal.

Man, the day sucked.