Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wankathon Hypersigil

The coffee was cold. And so were my eyes.

"Amir, we must ensure that the tyranny of the BN dictatorship is ended, blablabla."

"And what? Live like a slave?"

"No, no. You'll have more money."

"And who's gonna give it to me? This... 'money'?"

I've listened and seen enough bullshit in my lifetime. I have not, and do not trust any form of Governance because I think it's just all full of bullshit. I do not trust any and all politicians.

And I do not trust a political culture - ON ALL SIDES - where lying, stealing and being selfish is the accepted norm, and then they turn to me and tell me to be selfless, lay my ass down and get raped.

All to protect the mediocrity of their bullshit.


I was raised in the swamp. I know what bullshit smells and looks like. Growing up, I've met a lot of conmen who always, always, without fail, lie. All the time. To everyone. Their families, their friends, even to themselves.

Hey, man, I like Buddha, but Buddha didn't spread his buttcheeks and asked people to ram their filthy cocks up his ass.

Buddha: Mankind is suffering - Ughhhh - because of desi- AHHHH - res. Man, that's a big cock up my ass.

Do you really think I'm THAT stupid? Oh, yeah, you do, cause you asked me to believe in this shit.

All those politicians can talk all they want. They can pray that they like the taste of shit cause kissing ass is all they can do to fucking climb their way up their pile of bullshit.

I will never be rich. Cause I can't kiss ass properly. Maybe it's just my mouth - deformed cause I can't pucker up really well.

I think BN is fucked up. I think DAP is racist. I think PIS-M is fucking crazy. I think PKR is filled with hypocrites and well-meaning people who got conned, and now have a bitter taste of cock in their mouths.

Fuck you, cocksuckers. Fuck you, racists - on BOTH sides. Fuck you, country-raping monkeys.

The only thing I pray for is a nuclear holocaust.