Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Intermission: Endgame

Oh, wow. Lots of interesting stuff these two days. I'm still editing some videos, writing some stuff, and I have people I need to meet.

Things are coming together in many different ways. The wheels keep on turning. The karmic wheel hangs in the balance.

People can do or say whatever. I have my goals and I'm focusing only on things that matter. Fuck everything else.

I don't need to prove myself. I have done everything I ever wanted to do before I'm 30. Now it's just stuff to do before I retire. I have 10 or 20 years to save enough funds for my retirement. I'm not a civil servant, with a pension. And I don't kiss ass, or ally myself with any political camp, preferring to go at things alone.

So I'll never head a company (actually, I did), to make enough money in a year to fuck off and retire.

Oh well. We shall see.