Monday, February 27, 2012

The Boron Ultimatum: Boron (World's Most Boring Man) Levels Up!

Today, I went to the office cause there was supposed to be a day-long meeting somewhere. I had hoped to finish a few things in the morning, pass some files before going for that thing after lunch.

A cursory glance, a surprise meeting and the realisation that since most of the creative guys went for the thing, I was stuck with doing everything myself. Well, not everything. I meant everything I hoped to pass on for processing, was now mine to do.

Luckily, I had good teachers, and one of them at least was around.

I had, at the beginning of the day, one story to do, 400 pictures to process, around six hours of video, a website content to write and proof, assorted social media updates and various project papers to oversee.

I started in a round robin structure - doing everything all at once. That resulted in a deadlock, so I began doing things one at a time. Seeing n00bs around made me think - time to farm out! So I got some of the young kids experience by doing some of the stuff.

Meanwhile, I was also feeding another team at another site ideas for a thing.

After a Herculean period, where I was besieged by some who believe I only take care of one thing, when in reality, I am involved with several different things, I managed to fulfill all requirements.

The best thing about today is that I learned some skills in Photoshop that could increase my efficiency by 30%. Level UP!

Some people believe I shy away from work, or from negativity. They have never seen me work at The Malay Mail until I was hospitalised - four times, motherfucker. One of the times required surgery.

See, my approach to work is that I can always learn something new, and the people I appreciate most are those who could show me new ways to do things.

Nothing I can and will do will be harder than watering a quarter acre of corn, when I was 17 years old. Each hole a foot apart, and each hole must be watered by bending over with a full can of water. Why? Because my father believes in only one thing in his life - hard work and child slavery.

Back breaking work under the hot Kuantan sun. A quarter of an acre, every single morning. The reward? We get to eat corn. To this day, I buy corn and I think, "So much motherfucking drama over this bullshit."

And then there was a time when I tried to carry a 50kg cement bag. Nothing in this world, no burden, is heavier than a 50kg bag of poisonous cement.

So say what you want, throw whatever at me. See if I give a shit. I have been to hell. I have been a slave. There is nothing anyone can do that is harder than corn.

I have been tired for the past two weeks, though, and I am taking two days off this week, since I worked over the weekend. The two days, though, will be spent editing the video I captured, and guiding some young people through some project papers and a presentation. So it's not really two days off.

And as I have learned today, as I received some very good phone calls, in the end, God is fair. Life is not, but God is fair. And therefore, so is Lucifer!