Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stupid Lynas

As I was working the whole day, I didn't have the time to address the Lynas bullshit coming down in my hometown - Kuantan. This issue is close to me because my entire family is there. My father, mother, sister, brother, nephews, uncles both Chinese and Malay, cousins - everyone.

Lynas. Pfft. Stupid motherfuckers can't even defend themselves properly. And everyone else can't do shit BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE INFORMATION.

1. Thorium - the radioactive element in question concerning rare-earth plants - emits radiation, yes, in the form of alpha waves. Alpha waves can be stopped by a thin piece of paper. You got more radiation from your fucking TV or cellphone. The only thing you need to do is wear paper armour and you will get cancer faster with smoking than be exposed to Thorium. It's only dangerous if you eat it, and I don't think Lynas is trying to come up with food additives or some shit.

2. The UN's IAEA already came and said that rare-earth plants are safe. I got some sources who went to the briefing where he/she said a video was shown about an ex-rare-earth plant site in Canada, where now there is a children's playground.

3. That PIS-M (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) nuclear physicist dude already said he disagrees with Kuantan MP Fuziah. Rare earth plants can be safe.

4. The only thing that can make a rare-earth plant unsafe is the handling of the wastes. That, to me, is the only question. I don't want to eat Thorium, so ship that shit to China, where they don't give a shit.

That Lynas probably got the contract through some dodgy means means that an investigation is due and heads SHOULD roll if that is the case. But Lynas' greatest failure is not communicating their shit.

What I hate are two things:

1. Scaremongering through stupidity. It seems to these people that all things radioactive is dangerous. Maybe, but then stop using any electronics, dumbass. I hate stupidity and misleading information as much as no information.

2. No information. Lynas did not and does not communicate any information whatsoever. All I've read are from the Internet. As such, I might be entirely wrong. Stupid Lynas did not disseminate their information effectively. STUPID. STUPID! STUUUPID!

3. People politicising the issue and taking advantage of the people of Kuantan, in the interest of their anuses.

4. Okay, that's three - four now - but fuck it! NO INFORMATION! I cannot move, I will not move without information, because those who do that are just stupid and would also look stupid. Not knowing the full story, simply jumping up and down like an ape in heat. Like an autistic baboon.

Okay, time to masturbate.