Saturday, February 4, 2012

Agent Orange: Page 1

It doesn't really matter, but I believe instead of focusing on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor's shopping list as well as Datuk Seri Anwar's sexual escapades, we should grill politicians on their issues.

As in, their stand on our issues. Like economy, education (BM/English/wha?), sexual freedom, and whether any one of us gets to grab on to some free cash?

I posed this question to Opposition politicians and all of them remained silent - except one. All of the rest have no answer, because I believe the only thing they want to do is rob the country in five years what they have been accusing BN politicians have robbed in 53 years.

This is of course, wild, baseless presumption, but since Nurul Izzah, Anwar (who blocked me on Twitter cause he's an asshole who accused me of being a BN cybertrooper as I was about to grill him about phantom voters in his constituency in Permatang Pauh), Tony Pua, Tian Chua and whoever did not respond, this is the only assumption I can make. That while they sometimes perhaps insinuate that BN politicos are thieves, these people are robbers-in-waiting.

What, so we should vote you guys in because Rosmah went shopping? Were the dresses that bad? I mean, the fat lady has crazy hair and a mannequin face, but who gives a fuck if she wants to surprise Najib with a multi-coloured negligee?

I mean, she went shopping. BIG. FUCKING. DEAL. Did she stealthily Mission Impossible the hell out of Bank Negara and stole a few billion? Really? What kind of rope could support her weight? You got proof that NFC supplied her with rope?

The woman wanted to shop. Let her shop. Not like she's sodomising boys left right and center and 'mengiring'.

This is what I hate about BN politics, which has now become Pakatan Rakyat politics. Character assassination. You got no issues, so you go after the character of a person, even when, as far as I can see, while Rosmah does not seem to be a pleasant fat woman who can sing, is just a rather plain fat lady who was once hot. In the '50s or some shit.

PR fucks take the moral high ground, but then descend into the same dirty politics they are fighting against. Oh, wait, that was not their fight. Their fight was about jealousy. As the BN fuckers were getting fat contracts, they felt left out.

Even Zaid Ibrahim - President of Nothing - thought the millions he got was not enough.

Greed. Pettiness. And a penchant for lying. And not too good at it, either. Did Rosmah do it, Raja Petra? Did you see her kill a model? If someone ELSE saw it, then let the fucker do an SD.

And check your numbers, Guan Eng. You always get caught, stupid dumbass motherfucker.

You know why I'm hard on the Opposition? Cause I want to be an Opposition force against any kind of governance, but you fuckers make it look really, really bad.

Anyway, my point is, fuck the buttfucking, fuck the shopping lists and the ring that doesn't really exist - not US$24 million anyway - and can we please focus on issues?

Yeah, I read the Orange Book PR did. It is, in my opinion, juvenile, trying to be manipulative, naive, stupid, ludicrous and ultimately dumb. Did I say stupid?

I'll get to it when I can give enough of a fuck. Right now, I'm just going to masturbate.