Friday, February 24, 2012

Intoxication and Meditation

So I was out drinking tea with a friend when I got a distress call from another friend.

Me: Oh, care for a spot of tea, m'dear?

Friend: Of course. Why? We're ladies! We're LADIES!

Phone: Fucking pick me up, motherfucker!

Friend 2 (phone): Amir, I need help. Pimp signal!

She was a bit sick from ingesting some liver-wasters, so she asked to stay at my place tonight.

And so, a quiet evening alone turns into a story about me sleeping on the couch. I haven't had proper rest for two weeks now. Since I am now a morning person, I wake up at 7am every day, where I spend the first two hours staring at my computer, reading, sometimes drooling on my t-shirt.

This continues even during weekends, and I am sometimes surprised to find myself at Bangsar's morning market, buying vegetables and stuff on a Saturday morning. Or having breakfast at Lucky Garden on Sundays.

So I'm going to fall back on my training, in order to restore my energy levels. Imma fucking meditate.

And also, painkillers. Nothing too heavy. I need to sleep before 2am, tonight, so off I go.