Sunday, February 19, 2012


It is Sunday, and after a very full Saturday, I have an extremely busy Sunday as well. There's a meeting, of sorts, and no less than three documents to finish.

Last night I watched a skit show - Projek Disko Baldi (hits and misses, and I believe it belongs more on TV than on stage) and consulted with one of the few creative writers I hold any regard for in this country.

I have also decided that I will only buy a dslr that can record HD movies when I have a reason to. For example, if I am commissioned to do a video, for pay, or to shoot sample scenes of a movie I am proposing.

While having a camera would mean I would be honing my skills, I see no valid financial reason for me to get it now. Like, right now.

Very wary is buying this camera would just be an extension of the ego, and not because of any proper, solid, or sound reasoning.

I would do better with a stove, really. A big one, probably with an oven.