Thursday, February 16, 2012

Buying a Camera (For Video)

If I talk about something a lot, I may just NOT do it. So here's my last feeble attempt at sabotaging my other attempt at finally buying a dSLR that can record videos.

I was handed a miniDV camera some weeks ago for a Bandung-Jakarta assignment and the result was... horrible. I do not have surgeon hands, nor steady hands that could properly capture video. I do have solar hands, though, that would be great in baking bread, or massaging firm, supple, women's breasts.

If you could see me, with the camera in hand, I was doing my best impersonation of Gun-Kata.

Which means that if I was fighting emotionless rogue Tetragammaton clerics - or Batman - in a gunfight, I could have won. But the footage came back jumpy and wonky. It wasn't helped that I shot most of it on a moving bus.

Nevertheless, as I was taught by the video people in my current company on editing the footage, I got hooked on it. My editing of videos before consisted of me simply sitting beside the editor and telling him, her or he-she what to cut. I'm now doing it on my own as I can't stomach the thought of letting others puke at my shaky cam recordings.

So I have decided that it's time to get an entry-level dSLR that can record video and do some stupid shit.

I have long promoted against buying Canon, because Canon makes good printers. Nikon is a primarily an optics company. They specialise in just one thing.

However, as things stand, Canon has manufactured the extremely popular and successful 5D Mark II. A documentary was shot using that thing and it has been nominated for an Academy Award. So I guess if it's good enough for that, well...

However, the real reason I am considering a Canon is because most people I know shoot using Canon. So I may be able to play the entitled Malay man and borrow some shit.

Another consideration is audio. I think I'll allocate some budget for that as well.

I don't expect to shoot any significant bullshit with this shit. I think I'll just spend some weekend afternoons editing video.

Which reminds me. I do need more storage space in my PC. And a new monitor. And a new extension cable.

And a stove.