Sunday, September 25, 2011

Words We Cannot Say

I can't talk about Islam, cause the Islams might come for me and throw me in Pusat Pemulihan Akhlak or some shit.

I can't talk bad about Government politicians or even Opposition politicians. Some asshole would always get offended and send me emails at four o'clock in the morning.

I mean, I can't talk about how stupid and pretentious, greedy and stupid ALL politicians are.

Yeah, I can't talk about Rosmah's team doing a stupid job at PR. Real classy, you fucking assholes! Enjoy your salary this month (and every other month) - it's free.

I can't talk about how Anwar is an asshole and most probably, loves assholes. Fuck you Anwar, you fucking asshole! <- I can't say that, see?

I can't say how much I think Lim Guan Eng is a conniving, racist bastard. And so is Ibrahim Ali. I can't say that, man.

I can't say how much I think Nurul Izzah AND Marina Mahathir are both populists. I don't hate them for it, nor do I think they are stupid, but they are populists, and I am an UNpopulist, amongst other things.

I can't say how much respect I have lost for Karpal Singh, the Tiger of whatever, for saying and doing jack shit about shit. Transform and roll out, motherfucker!

I can't say how much I believe Lim Kit Siang is a worthless piece of scum. Wait, is he dead yet? If he's dead, then, like the CEO of BP, I'd like to say, I'm sorry. And like LeBron James, I'd like to say what can I do? Yeah, what can I do, for thinking Lim Kit Siang is an opportunist, lying, hypocritical bastard?

I can never, and will never say that I think Mat Sabu is a pimp motherfucker!

"Bulu Mah lekat kat kerongkong abang." <- shit, man, I can never quote Mat Sabu saying that.

Mat Sabu the Moralista! Pimp Masta! Ethical Gangsta!

I can't say any of this shit.

So fuck you too, bitch, call the cops!