Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In a Nutshell

Kids nowadays, they get told to do what they love, which is a very good advice. If you're not happy anywhere, doing anything, with anyone, you can leave. You don't have to stay anywhere forever, said Delirium of the Endless.

The problem is, for many young people, is that they're not sure what they want. Or maybe it's just me, when I was younger.

I was a chronic approval-seeker, as a child. And I still deal with that every morning, when I wake up.

I never had any problems with attention. Everywhere I go, I always needed to avoid attention to get some privacy, and I do value my privacy. I was the last child, so I had no issues with getting attention.


In fact, I may be boasting, but fame is something I seek to avoid.

SO not attention, not fame, and I have made it so that I do not seek approval like a drug.

Several years ago, it was about being right. I needed to be right. There was no way I could be wrong. No fucking way!

It became an obsession, until I realised that right and wrong are just two sides of the same coin.

So, not that either.

After all those years, I believe that there is only one thing worth anything in this world and that is freedom.

Freedom can come in strange forms, but I know exactly what I want, when I want it, how, and whatever. I also know what I don't want.

Life is way too short to take bullshit. We die too quickly not to live in full awareness.

For younger people, I guess they have to understand and realise it on their own. There is no other way.

And for older people, they would also, sooner or later, have to grow up.