Saturday, September 17, 2011

Answers to Life's Big and Stupid Questions

Q1. When are you getting married?

A1: Is your father dead?


A1: Cause last night, your mother said we have to wait till your father's dead cause she doesn't believe in divorce. Or 'can't afford Team Action Force'. Hard to tell with her gargling my balls and all.

Q2. What religion do you believe in?

A2. I believe in the exact stupid fucking bullshit you believe in.

Q3. Who do you support: Government or Opposition?

A3. Which one smells worse: your mother's vagina or your mother's butthole?

Q4. I'm a Manchester United fan. I think we have a fairly good chance to win the league this season. Which English Premier League team do you support?

A4. I was born in Kuantan.