Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Right to Shut the Fuck Up

A photographer died recently. Got shot in Somalia. That's some mean bush.

Media people die all the time. People die all the time.

What I can't, don't and won't understand is people politicising this shit to the hilt of their anuses. I mean, a man fucking died. This is sad. Sad only.

You give the grieving family members a pat, and you respectfully walk away. Walk the fuck away. Keep walking.

Some asshole retards decided to attack the guy. The dead guy. This happened to Yasmin Ahmad, and it's happening now. Do Malaysians have no fucking balls whatsoever to attack a living man and would prefer to throw stones at a dead man? What the fuck?

They're saying the guy was dumb. That he was asking for it. That he didn't have insurance. That his employers endangered him. Without any regard for the family.

Hey, fucktards, if your loved one died, would you really be interested in hearing people squabble about his or her death and how he/she died? If one of my family members died, no matter how much of a dumbass they may be, the last thing I want to hear is people and politicians trying to ride on the issue.

It would be like digging up the corpse and raping it in the ass. For fuck's sake, the guy died. Did he want to be a cause? Does his family members WANT to hear your bullshit? You're turning grief into a circus.

And you know what? Nobody gives a shit what your stand is. Nobody gives a shit how smart you are or how liberal or how you would have done it better.

A person died. Shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself.

"I'm a liberal nyeeeeee! I would have ruled this country better and no one would have to die. I'll kill death. I'm better. Memememememe."

And I'm saying this about BOTH camps. All of you are fucking retards.

And then there's the Petknode issue. Sure, those allegedly cruel people deserve whatever, but it seems that we have more regard for dead cats than dead people.

Oh, the fucking drama. Spare me the bullshit and go kill yourself.